Blog 43: I Disappeared, again

Ello good ole’ friends,

Once again, I disappeared for way too long. I sincerely apologize– if I am being totally honest, school and work are kicking my ass and i’m just getting so behind in my blog. Today I told myself that I will try to be better and learn to improve. I won’t make promises (because it didn’t go so well last time I did), so instead I will say I will try my very best (because that’s the honest truth!)

So, in the life of running, food, Charlie, and some more running– I am logging a lot of miles. Running has been my outlet, and truly my source of sanity. I am loving every mile I make every single morning, and logged a bit over 200 miles in October. I feel amazing and just want to keep running!

In the life of food, Charlie and I have recently been into a new dessert. Chocolate Oatmeal. IMG_1611.JPGGuys, no joke it really is delicious. Satisfying, filling, healthy, and just so satisfying. Highly recommend, and if you’re interested in make this one that Charlie and I have been enjoying, recipe will be at the bottom of the blog!

Today began with a very early 6 mile run in the dark (since, day light savings is kind of kicking my butt and making my very confused). But it was still necessary, nonetheless, and I am planning on a solid 8 miles tomorrow morning!

I’ll be back soon to discuss more of my favorite topics, but stay with me, my friends– I am back back back, back again again again. (Ok, time for Grandma Gaby to shush and go to sleep)

Sleep well, runner friends!



Chocolate Oatmeal:

1/4 oats + water (depending on how thick of liquid-y you like your oatmeal)

Ghiradelli Chocolate melting chips (about 6– or you know like 20?)

Vanilla greek yogurt

Bananas (1/4 of a banana?)

Berries of your choosing

Extra Chocolate chips on top

Maybe some coco puffs?

Chocolate brownies on top?

Chocolate bar?


Choc…… (You get the point– just pretend you’re at Yogurtland and go nuts! oh, nuts would be a good topping– maybe even peanut butter?)



Blog 42: Why Strength Training is CRUCIAL

Hello all,

As promised, I am going to be better about my blog and stay as up to date as possible! As promised on yesterday’s post, I will be mentioning the importance of strength training and why I have been making it a priority.

So, aside from hoping to run a marathon (at some point in my running life)– I have incorporated Grastron treatment as a regularity. It’s become more of a preventative measure of injury, rather than a fix. I have found myself feeling stronger, dealing less with those annoying aches and pains we runners love to ignore, and on the plus side, my doctor is awesome and is always willing to answer any annoying runner questions I have for him (he’s also hilarious and makes these painful appointments bearable, so shout out to Dr. Maddock).

Amongst one of my many conversations with Dr. Maddock, he mentioned how important  strength training was if I was going to commit to running a marathon. It makes sense, no? If you want your body to be strong enough to run a ridiculous , I mean AWESOME amount of mileage, you got to make your body strong enough to do that. How do you do it? You strength train.

I personally hate strength training– I find weights to be boring, tiring, painful, and quite frankly, I rather use that time to just run more. Anyone else feel me on this? But, chores are chores, and with things we love to do, also come the things we have to do– therefore, i’m training to learn to love strengthening.

So what do I mean when I say strength training? I think everyone has their own definition, depending on where you are most injury prone, what is most important to you, and quite frankly, what do you want to be more toned. For me, it means one day of each: leg day, back day, and core workouts. I dread leg day– seriously, I find it to be so tiring and i’m always sore the next day (i guess in the “good” kid of way, as people like to say). On the plus side, though, I have found myself feeling stronger, a few days AFTER the soreness wears off, less injury prone (knocking on wood as I write this), and to be totally honest, I even got complements on my butt looking better. So, i’m finding the pros in that dreadful 30ish minutes I spend on leg day.

For anyone curious about my leg day routine it includes the following:

Cardio: 5-6 treadmill miles

4 sets of 20 walking lunges (2 x 15-20 pound dumbbells)

4 sets of 30 squats (35 pounds kettle bell)

4 sets of 10 deadlifts (70-90 pounds, depends on how I’m feeling that day)

4 sets of 15 (each leg) donkey kicks

4 sets of 10 leg press (80-90 pounds)

4 sets of 10 (each leg) backwards lunges

It sound like a lot, but honestly it takes me about 30 minutes to complete, and then I’m off for the “rest” of my day (no pun intended, hehe)

I’ll end my post there for today, but as always friends– keep running, eating, (lifting, sometimes), and repeat.

Charlie sends his love to you all as well.


Blog 41: I FINALLY ran the SF Half Marathon

Hi friends–

This is a long overdue post. I know, I have been awful at this blogging thing, but I will try to be better. If it helps, my excuse is graduate school and practicum kicking my butt– it’s probably not the greatest excuse but it’s all I got and I rather tell the truth then pretend I have anything more interesting to excuse my absence.

So, the most recent updates I can give you include:

1. I ran the SF Half Marathon on July 23, 2017! IMG_1067.JPG

Isn’t it pretty

2. I took my prelim exam yesterday for graduate school– basically a giant, icky exam

3. Charlie got groomed today and looks fabulous, as always

4. I resigned my lease at my apartment– which is a dig deal, considering I have NEVER stayed at the same apartment 2 years in a row

5. I have been obsessed with ice cream lately– yes, I said ice cream. While frozen yogurt still has my heart, holy moly am I into ice cream (I’m such a nerd, I know)


My favorite people and I enjoying that “holy moly” ice cream.


6. I ran 6 miles today and did leg day…aka: I have been making strength training a major priority– more on that another time

7. Lastly, I had chipotle for dinner today just because it sounded like a great idea– and it was delicious.

I apologize for my absence but now that I will have some free time, I will try my very best to stay on top of this blog– because I truly love it. Being an adult kind of sucks, and I want to go back to kindergarten (please and thank you)

Charlie says hello as well, and promises to remind me to write on this (in the best way that he can, of course)

Have a lovely evening, folks! I just topped off my night with tons of ice cream and am now in my happy place.


Blog 40: Shocker, I Hate Rest Days

Happy Sunday Night,

While I enjoy the idea of long runs and brunch on Sundays, I dread that Monday is what comes next. In avoiding being so pessimistic, at least that means we get one day closer to Friyay, right? Let’s do a recap of this weekend (before I forget to blog until next weekend)–

Friday started with a little 5 mile treadmill run at 6AM since I had a long, dreadful day of work after. Although a long day, it ended in delicious pizza. My roommate and I tried a new place that opened by our apartment, “Mod Pizza”, which is basically a copy of Blaze Pizza (and we all know how much I adore Blaze Pizza). I had some really high expectations for this place and felt that no one could ever meet them as Blaze does…but it did. Mod was extraordinary. I know extraordinary is an unusual word for a fast-food-type pizza place, but I take pizza very seriously. Unfortunately I ate my pizza so fast I didn’t catch a picture of it, so I will be sure to do so next time (which will probably be very soon).

Saturday I took my first rest day in quite a few weeks– I hate rest days. I find that they are the opposite of a feeling of rest and synonymously “relaxing”. But, as all runners know, rest is just as important as training itself. I started to feel a bit of ache and pain in different areas, specifically my ankle, and was not about to commit to a few months of physical therapy and no running (excuse me french, but f*** no.)

I woke up this morning feel quite refreshed and while I was hoping to go out for a beautiful, long run outside. Of course, it was cloudy, raining, and dangerously slippery. I ended up on the treadmill again, which worked to it’s benefit since I got to watch Gilmore Girls (as per usual).

IMG_0284.JPG.jpegI came home to a little breakfast in bed with Nick, and we were off to his family’s Easter brunch– aka: Easter Passover for me. I decided to go all out and make cute little chick cake pops for his family. Not entirely sure how they tasted, and many of them messed up (which usually happens when cake pops didn’t fit in the container you had for them and therefore fall on top of you on the car drive over, when you are wearing a white outfit)– but nonetheless, they were still cute and enjoyed.

IMG_0276.JPGSide note to add for this weekend: one of my gel nails ripped off, and my roommate was creative and we took of the the same gel on my other hand, and she fixed the missing nail with glitter. While it was a brilliant idea at the time, I woke up this morning missing not one, but both of the glitter nails. Safe to say, a manicure is in order.IMG_0271.JPG.jpeg




Roomie and I are currently catching up on some Netflix and frozen yogurt, so I’ll be back for more updates on food, running, food, and more food and running.


Blog 39: Yes, I’m a Creature of Habit

Hello friends,

In the life of Gaby today includes a bit of a wrap up of the last 2 weeks (since i’m literally awful at keeping track of this blog). I promise my reasonings are good— school and work are keeping me so damn busy that I need time to breathe!

I figure writing this post will be a bit of a de-breather and some time to check in.

So the first thing I will mention is my new favorite snack: a cut up apple, whatever berries I have in the fridge, some banana, and a scoop of greek yogurt and a solid scoop of jelly mixed into the yogurt.

This sounds so incredibly simple and even boring, but I SWEAR its so delicious and satisfying. I usually mix in some cinnamon and honey with it and throw granola on top or a rice cake (lets be honest, I have 3 types of granola and a rice cake with it). Oh and I eat it like every night–but it’s acceptable

Its super similar to my usual (aka: everyday) breakfast, but the process of dipping apples into the yogurt versus eating the whole concoction with a spoon is COMPLETELY different, I swear.IMG_0222.JPG.jpeg

(Basically, just try it— you won’t be disappointed!)

Also: I have been SUPER into epson salt baths. I know I went on rants about the amazing-ness of ice baths, and don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful. But let’s be real: they are so painful and awful and terrible. Epson salt baths, on the other hand, are wonderful, and warm, and soothing, and basically 100% better.

I have been trying to take one 2-3 times a week, and it makes those sore running muscles feel so much better (so i can run more and more and more!)— cause isn’t that the point?

Last thing i will mention is something I am over the top excited for:


This has been a dream since childhood and I am so excited to go around the time of my birthday, right after I finish my first year of graduate school. The best way to celebrate, right? (forget alcohol, I wanna go see Cinderella’s castle)

I promise I am slowly getting better at this updating thing. I appreciate you all though and want you all to run, eat, and TAKE THOSE BATHS!

Lastly: please look at charlie wearing socks– he is perfectIMG_0238.PNG


Blog 38: Spring Break Recap

Hello beautiful people,

It’s is a “beautiful” Monday morning here in SF and my day started with a 5 mile treadmill run. I put beautiful in quotations because it’s a little painful to call a Monday beautiful, but nevertheless….

Spring Break is officially over, and I feel as if it never really began. While some 20-some year olds are partying in Cabo, and others are relaxing by enjoying some “Netflix and chill”, I had to be a big kid and prioritize school (for some of the time). As “great” as graduate school has been, it’s also made me realize the need to sacrifice and that means spending my last few days of break studying for an exam I have…today…the first day back from break. Evil? I think so.On a happier note, I FINALLY went to disneyland while in SoCal during my break. Considering I used to have a Annual pass to Disneyland, not having gone for the last 8-9 months felt like torture. I ate my heart out and enjoyed every minute of it (even though it was horribly busy)–happiest place on earth is still perfect.


Yes, we totally took a picture with a giant chipmunk

Lets talk about what makes me the happiest, though. RUNNING. (I know, that introduction was a little cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself). Since I was on a bit of a running streak and felt my body getting s lot of aches and pains, I took Spring Break as a time to still run (duh), but cut down on mileage a bit. I ran everyday except when going to a Disneyland (enough walking was done for that day), but the longest run was about 7/8 miles. I think it’s really important to find a balance between still keeping at whatever your exercise goals are, but also listening to your body’s needs. I feel much better now and will be ready to take on some heavier mileage in about a week.

Unfortunately, I have to go review for my Statistics midterm but have a lovely start to your week running friends. It’s a new season now, so start fresh, and keep up with your goals.


P.s. IT has been WAY too long since I have had a donut. Not acceptable. 


Blog 37: Running Streak

Good morning friends,

It’s only 8:30AM on a Saturday and I have already finished my 5 mile run and am now on my way to the city for a conference– not exactly the Saturday I was hoping for. Nonetheless, I thought to myself “what better way to spend on Bart then to write a post for my blog!”. This may become a trend, I’ll see how it goes.

So let’s talk about running streaks. For those unclear, it’s basically running every day, incorporating necessities like strength training, “easy runs”, stretching, etc. I use quotations on easy runs because I find there are many definitions of that– short runs, slow runs, indoor runs, etc. for me, it personally means 4-5 miles on a treadmill. It’s hard for me to decide there is one definition for an easy run aside from the fact that it feels easier. To me, 4-5 miles indoors is easy and makes my running heart happy!

I didn’t really start this streak intentionally, but with stress and overload of work, I run to decompress. So running every morning has just kind of happened and so far, still feeling good. So for me, all that negativity is being thrown out the window. Of course I believe rest days are VERY important. My streak has only gone on for a week now but I’m considering it a streak since I didn’t take a day off after my last half marathon. Why you may ask? Cause I didn’t feel like it–(for lack of a better answer). As Nick likes to tell me, for a very small person I’m quite stubborn and I will use that to my advantage in this case 🙂

I’llvlet you know how this streak goes but for sake of preventing injury, I “guess” I should take a day off. I swear if I could find a way that it was safe to run every day for the rest of my life without worrying about hurting myself, I would.

Run, rest, and go eat something you’ve been craving like crazy!  I’m going home to LA this weekend so I’m already thinking about donuts front Santa Monica.

Have a beautiful weekend, running friends!